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Video Poker (Rules)

Video Pokers attractive low house edge, high payouts and familiarity makes it among one of the most popular casino games of all time. It is especially attractive to those of us whom like a game of skill.

Video Pokers rules are simple and straightforward. First, place your bet (as you would with a Slot machine.). Once you've placed a bet you'll receive 5 cards. After accessing your hand you will need to choose which card/cards you would like discard (if any at all). Your discarded cards will then be replaced with an equal amount of new cards. At this point of the game the machine determines if you're a winner or not, and pays you according to that particular machines pay out chart. Here are some basic Video Poker winning hands ordered from worst to best:

One pair, example (K/K)

Two pair, example (Q/Q + J/J)

Three of a kind, example (7/7/7)

Straight, example (K/Q/J/10/9 unsuited)

Flush, example (KD/8D/7D/5D/2D in any order with all being the same suit)

Full House, example (K/K/J/J/J)

Four of a kind, example (K/K/K/K)

Straight Flush, example (JH/10H/9H/8H/7H all in order from high to low with the same suit)

Royal Flush, example (AH/KH/QH/JH/10H in this order, all cards being the same suit)

There are many versions of Video Poker out their, and the varieties continue to increase. While this provides players with a wider selection of Video Poker games, it also can confuse them. Like the Slot machine, Video Poker machines payouts often are varied. While some offer special bonuses other may not. Any serious gambler knows key to success starts with knowing the rules. Remember payouts and rules may vary from machine to machine. So be sure read and understand all the rules for each and every machine you play.

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